Our history

ACSEN Agriscience was founded in 2009 with the vision to improve the lives and livelihoods of Indian farmers. Our journey has always focussed on cultivating transformational products for farmers. In the decade since our inception, we have emerged as a global agro biotech leader in the vegetable seed segment. From developing vegetable seeds and row crops to working towards novel, nutrient-rich vegetables, our farmer solutions have always been in step with global customer demands and evolving food needs. Our ability to innovate and deliver high-yielding, climate-resilient and pest-resistant seeds has earned us the reputation of putting farmers first. We are ACSEN Agriscience, and we are driven by our vision.

Key dates:

From our beginnings in 2009, innovation and initiative have always been part of our story and will continue to define our future. We are among the fastest growing seed companies in India and the world, and our journey underpins all that we do.